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Slip and Fall Lawyer CTThe Law Office of Harvey J. Kulawitz, ESQ., LLC has extensive experience helping victims of slip & fall accidents. Slip & falls can happen anywhere, be it a restaurant or supermarket that fails to quickly mop up a spill, a retail store which leaves boxes or merchandise strewn in the aisle, or an icy sidewalk that should have been sanded & salted, but wasn’t.  Such accidents often lead to serious and disabling injuries, like fractured bones, sometimes requiring surgery to repair, even concussions / head trauma from striking one’s head hard on the floor.

We have the knowledge, experience and resources to represent you or your loved one in such a case. Our law office solely handles injury cases, meaning that we know what elements it takes to have a successful case, and the type of compensation that should be sought for you, including, for example, unpaid past & future medical bills, lost earnings, lost job or work opportunities, permanent pain and physical, (and emotional) scars that serious slip & fall accidents can cause.
While it’s possible to handle a smaller case on your own, hiring an attorney with extensive experience with such cases ensures a far greater likelihood of a successful outcome for you and your family.  We care about your situation long-term and work hard to recover what you have lost as a result of such an accident.

The Law Office of Harvey J. Kulawitz, ESQ., LLC will provide you with valuable services following a slip & fall accident, including:

  • A thorough investigation of what happened, and why.
  • A thorough assessment of your physical, financial & emotional harm.
  • Our best efforts to recover your medical bills, past, present, and future, from the party who caused this loss.

If you’ve been the victim of a serious slip & fall accident, contact Attorney Harvey J. Kulawitz for an immediate & free consultation at 203.438.4114.

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