Uber, Lyft, Taxi, Limo & Rideshare Accidents

Most people don’t give thought to rideshare services gone wrong until it’s too late. The same is true for taxis and limos.  What happens if you’re traveling as a passenger in a rideshare car and an accident occurs?  Who’s responsible for what?  What if you’re struck as a pedestrian or bicyclist by rideshare vehicle? The […]

Falling Asleep at the Wheel – Is it more than Negligence?

We’d all agree that it’s negligent for a driver to fall asleep while driving down the road. It seems so clear, in fact, that there wouldn’t be any need to have lawsuits that address it. But there are. Over the years many cases have been decided to determine whether a driver who falls asleep at […]

CT Personal Injury Lawyer: Advice for Bicyclists, Joggers, & Pedestrians

A day doesn’t go by when I’m driving and see someone jogging on the road, or walking (with earbuds) or bicycling – who’s wearing all black.   While it may be fashionable for a night out on the town,  it’s not cool when an oncoming vehicle can’t easily spot you until it’s too late. Guess how many joggers […]

Types of Car Insurance Coverage

We all buy car insurance but we often don’t know what we’re buying.  This will help you understand the different types of coverage. 1.  Liability insurance protects you when you cause an accident that injuries someone else or their property.  (It also protects a person who borrows your car with your permission, and then causes an […]