Health Club, Pools & Recreational Accidents

Millions of people join health clubs, gyms & spas to work out, lose weight & get fit. They expect that the club, pool, gym or spa will be safe. Unfortunately accidents happen at fitness centers, some with serious injuries. The Law Office of Harvey J. Kulawitz, Esq., LLC has extensive experience helping people who were injured at gyms, health clubs, spas, swimming pools, golf courses & other recreational facilities.  As we only handle accident cases, we understand the medical, financial & emotional hardship that a serious injury causes to you & your family.

Common Causes of Health Club, Gym & Swimming Pool Accidents

  • Inadequate (or no) supervision over gym or pool user.
  • Inadequate (or no) staff training.
  • Improper (or no) staff instruction to gym user about correct use of equipment.
  • Dangerous placement of gym equipment in proximity to other equipment.
  • Poor monitoring, supervision & oversight of gym staff.
  • Equipment failures & breakage, like broken chains, handles, wheels or pedals.
  • Failure to regularly inspect, repair or replace old, damaged or broken equipment.
  • Inadequate (or no) lifeguard supervision at swimming pool.
  • Inadequate (if any) fall surface protection where needed at gym.
  • Failure to provide emergency medical services when required.

     Any gym equipment that’s improperly used can cause injury. That’s why it’s important that fitness centers employ staff who are welltrained in the proper use of all fitness equipment, & who know all the dangers & risks involved.

Injuries at Gyms, Fitness Centers & Pools, include:

  • Broken bones – fractures.
  • Brain injuries – concussions & TBI’s.
  • Spinal cord – paralysis;  Disc injuries – herniations.
  • Lacerations, bruises & contusions.
  • Head injuries, including to the eyes, vision & hearing.
  • Drowning.
  • Death.


If you know someone who was injured at a gym, health club, spa or other fitness center, we can help them recover monetary damages for their injuries, medical bills and losses.